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Our approach is simple - financial planning and investment advice for an hourly rate. We have no minimum net worth requirement, BUT if we don't think we can add value, we'll suggest places that can help you.


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periodic reviews

Once you've done the heavy lifting of crafting a plan, you will increase your likelihood of success with periodic reviews and updates.  You decide the frequency - annually or every other year is recommended, OR anytime you experience a significant change in your financial life (i.e., kids, job change, windfall).  These reviews typically take 4-10 hours depending on the complexity of your finances, the time between plan updates, and any new planning issues that are addressed. 

$1,320 - $4,200
Surprises? We aren't fans

and when it comes to service fees we are up-front and clear about what your project will cost.

Quick Reference

  • Live Planning Session $990 - $2,100
  • Deep Dive $3,960 - $12,600
  • Periodic Reviews $1,320 - $4,200
  • Student Loan Planning $600 - $900