why Perk Planning?

We deliver financial planning in the most tantalizing way of all — free of product pitches and chock-full of fiduciary care, all at an hourly rate.


Some of our best qualities


  • Advice by the hour means you decide how much (or little) counsel you want
  • Our only incentive is to provide sound advice – we are compensated solely by our clients
  • Zero product sales or pressure
  • We look at the whole picture, including cash flow, investments, employee benefits, estate planning and more
Our Services


  • Our fiduciary duty to our clients means that your needs come first – period
  • In fact, if we think your needs would be better served elsewhere, we’ll tell you
  • To maintain our objectivity, we shun vendor swag. No steak dinners or free trips to Miami
  • Want to read more about the Fiduciary Oath we have taken? Check it out here.
Our Services


  • From our very first meeting, you are in the driver’s seat
  • Our services are tailored to your needs, your pace and your budget
  • We love building long-term relationships, but if you’re just looking for one-time counsel we’re delighted to assist
Our Services

Your time, intelligence and privacy

  • Our transparent approach to services and pricing lets you decide quickly if we’re a good fit for each other
  • We can deliver as much value to clients with small portfolios as those with lots of wealth
  • This is just between us – we share your information with no one (unless you ask us to)
Our Services

Take it a step further…

  • A plan is only as good as the action it inspires – and we’re here to help you conquer your to-do’s
  • No job too small or problem too sticky, we can help
  • Need encouragement along the way to achieving your goals? We can do that too.
Our Services

Some of our best qualities